Saturday, November 21, 2009


More pictures of the final market here.

Not only was the last market a resounding success, this whole 2009 season for the market has been so wonderful. All our fabulous vendors, all the regular and just-passing-by customers, the music, the local groups who came to share what they are doing for the community, everyone made this a truly awesome community project. We supported local businesses, made lots of new friends, learned mind-boggling amounts of stuff about food, on and on.
And we aren't done yet. We won't take much of a break before we start planning for next year. We have lots of ideas, and we hope you do too, and you will share them with us. You can find our contact information on the right side of the blog, at the top. And if you would like to join us to plan, we would love that, too. There is plenty to do, and it makes spring come sooner.

Stage backdrops

Every old hall in the area has its locally oriented stage curtain or backdrop. These are fascinating bits of history and if you get a chance to visit them, take a long look at all the businesses and see how many are still around.

This is in the Masonic Hall in Northwood, where we have had the last three of our farmers markets. The backdrop had not been on display before, because this hall is also the home of the Northwood Theatre Workshop , and the first two weeks we were there they were in rehearsal for a play and then performing it. It was fun to have it as a special addition to the market.

Need more winter vegetables?

Dan Comte went back to his farm in Nottingham and dug more carrots for our hungry customers, but he still has a bit more of his late crop left. If you are looking for potatoes, onions or carrots in the next couple of weeks, until his supply is exhausted, please call Dan on his cell, 608-5272, or at his home, 942-1297, and he will fill you in on what he has to sell and give you directions to his place.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UNH Hospitality Gourmet Dinner

The Gourmet Dinner is back!
UNH Hospitality is presenting a "Simply Southern, The Heart of Hospitality" dinner
Local ingredients where possible will be used. Special diets are accomodated (please notify in advance)
This Friday Nov. 20 & Saturday Nov. 21 pm
For more information

A book signing with Mollie Katzen, author of the ground breaking best
seller, Moosewood Cookbook, will take place during the cocktail hour.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The Northwood Farmers Market will hold their last market of the season at the Masonic Hall on Saturday, Nov. 21st, from 9 am to 1 pm.

Please come enjoy all the local products, shop for Christmas, decorate your home, and celebrate a remarkable year for the market.

Rain or shine (even snow!), we will be in the warmth of the hall, thanks to the Masons.

A special potter

Shawn Christman has this to say about his work:

"I first started pottery five years ago while living in Colorado as a means of therapy after a traumatic brain injury. It is an outlet for me to be lost in the moment and focus on nothing but the piece I am working on."

You can reach Shawn when he is not selling at the market at 603-717-4807. He lives in Strafford.