Sunday, July 25, 2010

Local food is too expensive?

Sometimes we hear that we can buy produce at the supermarket so much cheaper than at the farmers market or through a CSA or even a farm stand.  But think about this.
At the CSA, I pay $12 / week and average about 4.5lbs of produce making my pound for pound cost around $2.75. This mostly meets my needs for an entire week. I bring my own bags and there is, obviously, no packaging involved. My farmer picks the produce fresh the day before our pickup. Items last about 2 weeks in my refrigerator.  (My emphasis)
Produce shipped to a supermarket may be a week away from harvest, and have endured who knows what conditions on its way to you.  I have been absolutely amazed at how long my veggies last in the refrigerator when I buy them from our farmers market.  I waste so much less.  Of course, there is a lot less going in the composter, but that's OK, there's always something like peels.  

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