Sunday, June 8, 2014

New market vendor: Moose Mountain Farm!

Tina Nason has sent us this wonderful description of their farm in Brookfield.  

We are a family owned and operated farm, raising our ten children to appreciate this natural way of life. What began as momma's love for cows and the need to feed our growing family has turned into Moose Mountain Farm. Although we are not certified organic we only use composted manure and Neptune's Harvest Organic Fertilizers, which we are a distributor for as well.
We are currently milking three cows; Jersey/ShorthornX, Purebred Jersey and a Jersey/GuernseyX. These girls give us incredible milk that we use for drinking as well as yogurt, butter, and cheese.
We offer starter plants in the spring and vegetables in season, free range chicken, forest fed pork, pastured turkey,our own ground beef, maple syrup,farm fresh eggs, local honey,all natural care products, and lots of baked goods. Check us out on Facebook at Moose Mountain Farm.
The farm has grown and flourished quickly. We are, at present, caring for a couple hundred laying hens, 165 broiler chickens at different stages, 7 piglets, 25 guinea keets and our newest additions to the farm, 5 ducklings.
We thank the Lord for giving us the vision and strength to live this agrarian lifestyle. We are thankful for the financial support from our customers and encouragement to keep on farming!
We are delighted to welcome them to the Northwood Farmers Market!

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