Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wednesday February 17th
7:00 pm at the Northwood Town Hall
You’ve seen them – along roadsides, bordering streams and wetlands, and even in your own back yard. Many non-native invasive plant species are pretty, grow easily and spread rapidly. They are pervasive throughout Northwood and surrounding towns - and that’s the problem. Invasive species overwhelm and crowd out native plants, reduce wildlife habitat, impact water quality, and decrease diversity in natural plant communities.
This workshop will help you to:
ü Identify invasive species in your neighborhood
ü Understand how they got here and how they impact our environment
ü Learn how to control their spread and preserve native plants
ü Get involved with community efforts to monitor and control invasive species
Presented by: Doug Cygan, Invasive Species Coordinator,
New Hampshire Department of Agriculture
Please join us to learn more about invasive species and how you can take action to help!
For more information, contact:
Carl Wallman, NALMC at or 435-5209
Dawn Genes, LRWA at or 659-9363


farmer said...

may i join here myfriend?

Anonymous said...

知識可以傳授,智慧卻不行。每個人必須成為他自己。 ..................................................

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