Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seed catalogs

From Maryland, my daughter writes a blog post about what to look for in seed catalogs.

Also, consider that seed produced here on the East Coast (ideally in the Mid-Atlantic) may grow better for you than seed from elsewhere in the country that's meant to do well in other climate conditions. "Buy local" doesn't mean quite the same thing with seed that it does with produce from a farmer's market, but you can keep it in mind anyway. And even though you may want to get your orders in now to be sure you get exactly what you want to grow in 2010 (yes I will tell you in another post where you can order mouse melon seed!), remember that your local garden center will have that seed you forgot to buy come spring.

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Erica Smith said...

Hey, Mom, thanks for linking! :)

Rumor has it that some varieties of vegetable seed will be hard to come by this year, so if you know what you want, get your orders in early. You all have some "local" Maine companies - if there are NH ones I don't know about them, but I'd like to.

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